Radiolabelled Amino Acids and Peptides for PET Imaging of Cancer

We are collaborating with Dr Peter Roselt and Prof Rod Hicks at the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre on the preparation of radiolabelled peptides for cancer imaging. We have developed a one-step method for preparation of the radiolabelled synthon, p-nitrophenyl 2-[18]F-fluoropropionate, and incorporated this into the synthesis of gold-standard radiotracers using a fully automated, 2-stage radiochemistry module.

Recent Publications

M. B. Haskali, P. D. Roselt, J. A. Karas, W. Noonan, C. W. Wichmann, A. Katsifis, R. J. Hicks, C. A. Hutton, “One-step radiosynthesis of 4-nitrophenyl 2-[18F]fluoro-propionate ([18F]NFP); improved preparation of radiolabeled peptides for PET imaging,” J. Labelled Comp. Radiopharm., 2013, 56, 726­–730.