The Hutton Group

Amino acid, Peptide and Protein Chemistry

Welcome to the Hutton Research Group

bio21We are part of the School of Chemistry at The University of Melbourne. Our research laboratories are located in the Bio21 Institute.

Our expertise is in the areas of amino acid, peptide and protein chemistry. Research areas range from the development of new synthetic methods for peptide synthesis, through the total synthesis of complex cyclic peptides natural products, to the study of enzymes involved in the biosynthesis of such peptidic natural products.

Note for potential PhD and postdoc applicants: the current uncertainties created by the COVID-19 situation are such that I cannot consider PhD or postdoc applications for the remainder of 2020. We are currently shut out of the lab and the university has a hiring freeze. Please do not email asking for opportunities at the current time.

Information for prospective PhD students and postdoctoral fellows