Current Members

Chief investigator:

Prof Craig A. Hutton

DECRA Fellow

John Karas – novel methods for peptide ligation

Students supervised by John Karas:

Sam Paravizzini (PhD) – New methods for efficient solid phase peptide synthesis

Harry Wang (MSc) –

PhD students

Hannah Ryan – mycocyclosin-based photoaffinity probes

Yuezhou (Tom) Wu – new methods for peptide functionalisation

Denham Hopper – mycocyclosin analogues as inhibitors of CYP121

Abdullah Alosaimi – radiolabelled peptides for cancer imaging

Masters/Honours students

Natasha Salkin – peptide trifluoroborates for imaging cancer

Minyi (Tommy) Yu – functionalisation of peptide hydroxamates

Beichen Zhu – C–H functionalisation of peptides

John Hsu – mechanistic studies of mycocyclosin formation

Junyi (Simon) Hao – C–H functionalisation of peptides

Jialin (Jolene) Li – ring expansion of cyclic peptide thioamides