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  1. A sabbatical at last!

    Craig is currently on sabbatical for this first time! He is currently in the Dawson lab at The Scripps Research Institute. So if you are trying …

  2. Congratulations Sunnia!

    Congratulations to Sunnia Rajput who submitted her thesis last week on the development of cYY analogues as potential inhibitors of Mtb CYP121.

  3. Poster prize to Varsha!

    Congratulations to Varsha Thombare who won a poster prize at the Solid Phase Peptide Synthesis Symposium held on Fraser Island.

  4. Congratulations Mohammad!

    Mohammad’s work on “Sulfonation of Tyrosine as a Method to Improve Biodistribution of Peptide-Based Radiotracers: Novel 18F-Labelled Cyclic RGD Analogues” was recently published in Molecular Pharmaceutics: 2017, …